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In today's shifting landscape, the demands on Talent Acquisition have never been greater. The post-pandemic experience has been highly volatile, and talent acquisition teams are consistently being asked to achieve better results with fewer resources.

Simultaneously, AI is on the brink of transforming the way employers attract and develop talent. Change is imminent, and it's going to be on a scale and pace that we've never witnessed before. The talent acquisition function is likely to undergo a significant transformation in the next 18 months.

It's an incredibly disruptive time at the moment, and it's understandable that people feel uncertain about the future. I recently conducted a poll on LinkedIn, asking people how far ahead they felt they could accurately predict the future of talent acquisition. Shockingly, only 22% of respondents felt confident about predicting more than a year out.

How confident are you in your ability to adapt, influence change, and drive Talent Acquisition forward in your organization?

Transform Talent Acquisition is a pioneering digital course designed to equip you with unique insights into the current forces changing talent acquisition. It provides essential tools to help you shape the future of talent acquisition in your organization, plan effectively, and strategically position your career.

With over three hours of video content and additional curated podcast interviews with top practitioners, the course will equip you with a unique methodology and invaluable industry insights to take a leading role in the inevitable changes that lie ahead.

The Benefits

  • Gain Strategic Foresight: Master new tools to influence the future of talent acquisition.

  • Enhance Your Leadership: Strategically position yourself and your team within your organization.

  • Develop Future-Focused Strategies: Develop forward-looking talent strategies to future-proof your organization

  • Optimize Technology: Make the right choices when building your recruiting tech stack.

What You'll Learn

Understand the macro and micro forces driving change in talent acquisition, along with the key trends shaping the future.

Use the “Futurecasting” model to assess emerging trends and gather intelligence that will help you shape and influence the future.

Identify different types of cognitive biases that affect our judgment when thinking about the future.

Adopt four mindset pillars that will transition you from short-term to long-term thinking.

Master critical tools like scenario building, visioning, backcasting, and storytelling to help you create the future you want for yourself and your organization.

About Matt Alder

Matt has been working at the cutting edge of Talent Acquisition for 25 years. During that time, he had a front-row seat to observe the impact of groundbreaking technological innovations and volatile economic cycles.

Driven by a belief that the best way to anticipate the future is to actively shape it, Matt began blogging his insights on the future of recruiting back in 2006. The blog evolved into a podcast in 2015, and today, Recruiting Future is one of the most listened-to Talent Acquisition podcasts in the world.

 Matt is a highly engaging speaker who has spoken globally on the future of talent acquisition and an experienced trainer who spent nine years as an associate at E-Marketeers, consistently delivering top-rated courses.

Matt was recently named by Human Resource Executive as one of their Top 100 Global HR Tech Influencers

More About The Course

Three hours of exclusive video content split into nine lessons designed to fit into busy schedules

Curated podcast interviews with top practitioners to provide context and strategic advice from the employers proactively driving change 

Learn from the cutting edge of Talent Acquisition with exclusive content that breaks down future trends and prepares you for the next big shifts.

Explore a unique methodology for predicting and adapting to future market dynamics, ensuring you and your team remain indispensable.

Enhance your ability to shape key decisions and strategies in talent acquisition, building your influence within your team and your organization.

Three Modules Of Content

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days after you enroll
  Module One - The Forces Shaping Talent Acquisition
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Module Two - How To Predict The Future
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days after you enroll
  Module Three - Future Proof Yourself, Your Team and Your Business
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days after you enroll

Who Is This For?

Transform Talent Acquisition is tailored for anyone in talent acquisition. It is applicable from early careers to executive hiring, from volume recruiting to recruiting specialist skills, and from established TA leaders to TA professionals wanting to accelerate their careers.

Start Transforming Now

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